Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nico Nico Live ニコニコ生放送

     Still not sure what exactly my main focus on this blog is going to be, I guess just anything Japan/general, maybe some Japanese learning resources. But anyways recently I've been wasting time on Nico Nico Live, the live broadcast service on Nico video. There's a lot of interesting people to be found, such as this guy feeding ojii-san some curry or this trap. I've been using this to improve my Japanese, and following the conversations between the broadcaster and the people commenting has really helped. One thing that can be difficult to understand is some of the internet slang and abbreviations used here, so here's a short list of some of the most common phrases used during broadcasts.
Tsuri (釣り) – Trolling; a calque of “trolling” as a method of fishing.
Shoken (初見 or しょけん) – A first-time viewer to the broadcast or chat.
Jitaku Keibi In (自宅警備員 or JK) – Home Security Guard, a term that hikikomori prefer to call themselves.
Nico Nama Cruise (ニコ生クルーズ) – An official broadcast that runs 24/7 and takes viewers to a random channel in the “凸待ち” category.
Oriru (降りる)- To get off, usually said when someone leaves Nico Nama Cruise to join a broadcast.
Nihongo de OK (日本語でおk) – Only talk in Japanese.
Otsu (おつ or 乙) – abbreviation for “otsukaresama”(お疲れ様), usually said at the end of a broadcast to thank the broadcaster.
8888 or パチパチ or 拍手 – clapping; used to express applause or praise when someone does something well.
Riajyu (リア充) – Someone who is satisfied in real life. Probably the equivalent of "normalfag"
tmt – abbreviation for “tomata” (止まった). Used when the broadcast has unexpectedly stopped.
Wara Wara (www or 笑) – the equivalent to "lol"
Arashi (荒らし) – A troll.
He (ヘ) - An image of a bent arm usually signifying “no.”
Oya Fura (親フラ) – A combination of the words Oya (親) and Flag (フラグ). Used by younger broadcasters when parents enter the room. 
Enchou (延長) - Extension, used by broadcasters  in reserved time slots to add 30 minutes or when voted to extent on Nico Nama Cruise.
Eroipu (エロイプ) – Dirty talk on skype
JK – an abbreviation of Jyoshi Koukousei (女子高校生) High School girl.
JC – An abbreviation of  Jyoshi Chuugakusei (女子中学生) Middle School girl. 
Nuko (ぬこ) – Another way of saying cat.
Nushi (主) – The broadcaster. 
Pizza (ピザ) – they say “pizza” to call someone fat.

Might add some more later if anyone's interested.


  1. Very interested. Have any more basic stuff, like memorizing kanji? I listen to Pimsleurs Japanese and find that helpful for getting used to conversation, but videos with emotions and writing helps too.

  2. "Home Security Guard"

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. >Home Security Guard
    Oh fuck, I might be looking at a new name to call myself.

  4. Those slang words are very interesting, I guess it is a bit similar to our online slang.

  5. ピザ wat? There's this girl who I listen to who calls herself ゴミ屑 ピザ女。 But she's not fat at all. Or ugly, if that what she means with the ゴミ屑 part. Not that I'm interested in 3D but she's not an ugly person.

  6. I go on these chats to practice my Japanese. A lot of them seem pretty amazed to have an oversea viewer.

  7. >they say “pizza” to call someone fat.

    Haven't heard that since elementary school.

  8. >Home Security Guard
    This is awesome (゚▽゚=)7
    I've heard it first in a Kaguya parody and I've always thought it was really cool!

    Thank you for the lesson

  9. thx for some translations
    my vocabular is growing

  10. This is great help for me. As much as I know quite a bit more than average in regards to Japanese, I am not familiar with all slang.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Oh thanks man this helped me a lot now I can have lots of fun on nico nico

  12. I'm sure Eroipu will come in handy :)

  13. Is Nico Nico free? I've always wanted to view videos on there but I need to sign up in Japanese >_>

  14. This is really great! Thank you for the resource I'll definitely check it out :)

  15. @ Wizard
    Yeah it's free. Here's a video tutorial of how to register

  16. very helpful reference thanks!